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Longarm Machine Quilting Services

We do longarm quilting at Sew In 2 Quilts.  Edge to edge (any design) starts at $.02/sq inch which includes thread.  Minimum quilt charge is $40.  We ask that you call to schedule your quilt so that we don't have too many quilts on site at one time.  Our goal is to have your quilt returned to you within a week to 10 days of your scheduled date. 

We have batting or you can bring your own.  If you supply batting and it is pre-packaged, it must have been opened and fluffed so that wrinkles and bumps are out of the batting.  If not, we cannot guarantee that it will be able to lay flat while quilting.

We carry the following types of batting on a roll:

  • Hobbs 80/20 in white that is 96" or 120" wide
  • Hobbs 80/20 in black that is 100" wide
  • Quilters Dream Wool
  • Quilters Dream Select Poly 
  • Quilters Dream Select Cotton

Below is a more detailed list of quilting services and information:

Edge to Edge Services

$0.007 sq. in - Basting for Hand Quilters–Parallel Rows are 4” apart going down the quilt with stitches approximately 1-3” apart with stabilization for the edges

$0.02 sq. in - Quilting– One design stitched from edge-to-edge and repeated over the entire quilt.  Can be any edge to edge design. 

$0.04 sq. in - Quilting– One design stitched from edge-to-edge but motifs/applique skipped.   

$0.04 sq. in - Quilting– One design stitched in the middle of the quilt, different design in the borders. 

Custom Quilting Services 

$0.13 sq. in - Custom Quilting

$0.13 sq. in - Sampler Quilt with Same Quilting design in Blocks —Individual designs in borders, sashing.

$0.14 sq. in - Sampler Quilt with Individual Quilting designs in Blocks —Individual designs in borders, sashing, and blocks.

$0.15 sq. in - Double Wedding Ring or Applique Quilt

Additional Services

$5.00 - Pressing—All quilts are lightly pressed upon receipt to remove wrinkles.  Excessive wrinkles in tops/backing that require pressing will be billed.

$5.00 seam - Seam backing—If customer chooses to send the backing fabric unprepared

$5.00 piece - Wash & Dry Fabric– Customer requested  when backing which has not been pre-washed or is soiled.

$5.00 - Square up Backing.  Backing must be squared and not have jagged, or crooked edges. 

$15.00 - Custom Embroidered Label on separate fabric.  You sew it on the back.

$25.00 - Custom Embroidered Label, embroidered directly on the backing before quilting is completed.

$0.00 - Quilt Trimming—Quilts are trimmed at no charge. All scraps are returned.  If you don’t want it trimmed please let us know. 

$20.00 - Rush Service—Available only if scheduling permits.


Quilt Preparation

  • Press all seams flat.
  • Remove loose threads on both the front and the back of the quilt.
  • Don’t baste or pin the layers together
  • If the backing is pieced, sew the pieces together with a 1/2” seam, pressed open.  Remove all selvages on seams.  Selvages may be left on outer edges.
  • Square up backing, if customer provided. 
  • Use a safety pin to mark the top of the quilt and backing if you have a preference.
  • Be sure all seams are secure.  To be sure, you may want to stay-stitch 1/8” to 1/4” in from the raw edge especially if there is no border on the edges.
  • Backing (and batting if customer provided) need to be at least 4” wider and longer than the quilt on all sides.  Quilt width +8 and Quilt length +8. 
  • If you are bringing packaged batting, please open it and fluff it.  Often packaged batting looks like this and it is hard to smooth it out.