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Collage Quilts

This type of quilt works well if you have more than 20 designs and have shirts that have large and small logos, or even sleeves with logos.  For this quilt blocks are collaged to create the quilt.  Finished sizes of quilts can vary from the chart.   If you have 30 shirts but want a larger quilt, we can add more of the filler blocks from the backs of t-shirts to increase the size.  The pricing here is based  more on finished size that shirts since the shirt design sizes can vary.  If you have a shirt that has a front and a back then it would count as 2 designs.

Pricing and Sizes Collage Quilts based on designs
Size Designs Price
60 x 72 18-25 $450
60 x 84 20-30 $475
72 x 84 30-40 $500
84 x 92 40-50 $550
92 x 100 50-60 $600
100 x 112 60-80 $650
Gallery of Collage Quilts